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  • Why should I use your company?

As a real estate professional you can expend a lot of time managing your online marketing and lead or have us to do it for you. We offer affordable solutions, so agents and broker can focus in closing more deals.

  • How referrals are generated by your company?

We are proud to say that we have a strong presence online, which along with a reputation that we have been able to build over the years, help us get new and repeat business.

  • Where are leads coming from?

Leads are coming mainly from and our local and national affiliated websites. We are constantly running online marketing campaigns to assist us drive more leads to our members.

  • How come leads contact you instead of a local agent?

Very simple, because they know we do not represent a single real estate company and that our information and resources are available for free without us asking for anything in return.

  • Does your system generate other leads?

Yes, we generate sellers and mortgage leads. We also serve as a great resource for local services like title companies and other real estate professionals.

  • What makes you different from any other lead generating companies?

First to all let me tell say that there is not a single company servicing the Latino community 100%. We are committed to be a resource center for this highly underserved segment of the real estate market.

  • Why your territories exclusive?

We believe that in order to provide an exceptional service we can only work with a single agent or broker per local MLS. This will give our members a competitive edge over his or her competition.

  • How do I get stared?

Very easy, just send us an email or call us requesting a one-on-one section with one of our account managers. We will send you an application package that you will submit back to us with your professional information so we can a professional background check.

Here is a quick summary of some of the most asked questions that we have received thus far. If you fishing reading and still have question please contact us today, we will be happy to be able to assist you.

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Agent’s Testimonial

Giselle Perez“Real Estate Latino Referral Network” is the absolute best resource for generating leads among the Hispanic community online”

That’s what Giselle Perez of Keyes Realty, FL says about the RELN service after nearly 4 successful years working with us. Why do agents like Giselle recommend the RELN service so highly? Because we make finding and converting new business prospects easy and convenient – and because it works!

Miami, FL



REALTOR® - Marca registrada que identifica a un profesional de bienes raíces miembro de la Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios (NAR) y se adhiere a su estricto Código de Ética. no tiene afiliación con NAR.

La Ley de Vivienda Justa, 42 U.S.C. 3601 et seq., prohíbe la discriminación por parte de los proveedores directos de viviendas, como los arrendadores y compañías de bienes raíces y otras entidades, tales como municipalidades, bancos y otras compañías de seguros de propietarios de viviendas, cuyas prácticas discriminatorias hacen que la vivienda no esté a disposición de algunas personas por motivo de: Raza o color de piel, Religión, Sexo, Origen Nacional, Condición familiar, Incapacidad

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